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Sunday Worship 10:30 a.m.
In Person & Online every Sunday.


Wednesday Prayer 12:00 P.m. on facebook or conf call

Kids in Church
Christian Education

Since we are a church, we use the Bible to learn about God. Duh! Accordingly, we offer two bible study classes during the week and a class before the Sunday morning worship service. There's no need to sign up to attend any classes. By the way, our bible study classes coincide with the Pastor's sermon series teachings. On Sunday, you get a blue print. At bible study, you'll get hammer and nails.

To join the Tuesday Bible study class at 6:30pm, click the link below.

Youth & Childrens Ministry

Our youth and children's ministry seeks to develop young minds and hearts into the image of God. We try really hard to use our young people in all areas of the church from running technology aspects during worship to even maintaining social media pages! On 4th Sundays, our youth lead the worship service.

To connect with this ministry or for more info, click the link below.

Marketing & Media Ministry

In this culture, technology is everything! From making fliers, managing social media pages and this website to creating and running PowerPoint slides during worship services, there is so much to do! You DON"T need to be a computer programmer. You just need to be familiar with social media, smartphones and/or be willing to learn. We welcome you to become a part of this ministry. To get involved, simply click the link below and we'll contact you with next steps.

Women's Missionary Society (WMS)

The WMS is the outreach arm of the church. This body is one of the most crucial components of the church. From giving hundreds of coats away at our November Winter Warm-Up to distributing care packages to seniors or students, the Women's Missionary Society is making a difference in the community. For more information, click the link below:

Black Mobile

Apex means, "top of or highest part of something." Well, we think coming to church should be more than a religious experience. APEX is a "resource" ministry that seeks to address the issues of the whole person. From relationships to mental health to finances, APEX offers workshops to address the various needs of people. This ministry will help you to live at your fullest potential. Guess what? All classes are hosted virtually at

To view the schedule of this year's classes, click here.


St. Luke is a great place to host meetings, weddings, plays, showers, services, and more. Our church has an amazingly beautiful sanctuary often used for weddings. We don't mean to brag but you've seen nothing like this! But wait! The lower level of the church has two levels, 4 restrooms and even a stage. Look no further for space for your next event!

Click the link below for the request form and email to

Due to COVID, until further notice, we will not host large gatherings or events with meals.

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